Common Queries

This image represents the giant UPSers

UPSers is specialized in delivering parcels to different locations all over the world. They ensure that each and every parcel will be delivered within the specified time limit. They also make sure that the parcel is extremely secure on their premises.

People trust UPS, and rightly so. They believe that delivering the parcels well-within time is their duty so that no customer faces any sort of inconvenience.

All the employees of the UPS can sign in to their account at the website

UPSers provides the services all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked queries to the UPS by the customers enjoying their services and the employees making them better every day are as follows:

Where can I access the official UPSers portal?

You can access this online portal at the official website address

I haven’t got my parcel yet. What should I do?

Usually, it takes 6-7 business days to deliver the parcel. If there is any holiday in between, it will be delivered the next day. So, we recommend to wait for at least a couple of days and contact the UPS if still it is not delivered.

Can I track my parcel?

Yes. UPS provides a facility for tracking the parcel for each and every customer.

As a customer, can I register on the UPSers portal?

No. This portal is open only for the employees of the UPS. No customer or a resident of the United States can access this portal.

Is my parcel safe on the premises of the UPSers?

Yes. UPS ensures that each and every parcel on its premises is extremely secure.

Does UPS provide services all over the world?

Yes. UPS delivers the parcel to almost each and every country in the world.

Is submitting my personal information while registering on the UPSers portal safe?

Yes. This is a highly encrypted portal which makes it extremely safe for each and every employee to submit their personal details.