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UPS is very much aware that if they want to be the best in the world, the mental peace of the employees who are making them better every day is the topmost priority. This is the sole reason, why they have launched the online UPSers portal at the official website www.upsers.com.

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This portal has been launched to make sure that the employees of the UPS get a one-stop platform to access all the details regarding their job, regarding their pay stubs, etc.

This portal has been launched to make sure that the employees of the UPS get a one-stop platform to access all the details regarding their job, regarding their pay stubs, etc.

To access the job details, the very first step for the employees of the UPS is to register on the official portal. Now, it is extremely easy to register at the official portal. Have a look at the steps explained below to register yourself on the UPSer portal easily:

Step 1

The registration process begins with your visit to the official portal at the website address www.upsers.com.

Step 2

Now, just hover around and move to the register section of this portal.

Step 3

Here, a simple form that inquires some details regarding you will be displayed on your screen.

Step 4

These details include your first name, last name, contact details, email address, etc.

Step 5

Submit the inquired details carefully.

Employees need to register on the UPSers online portal

Step 6

Now, an important step! You will be asked to submit the username and password that you wish to use as your login credentials on your future visits to this portal.

Step 7

Submit the details. Please make sure that you submit your login credentials that are extremely unique, easy to remember for you, and hard to guess for anyone else.

Step 8

Submit the inquired details, verify it once, and tap the button that reads "Submit".

Step 9

In the end, a message that says "Your registration is successful" will be displayed on your screen.

Step 10

If you get the above message on your screen, then cheers, your registration on this official portal is successful.

How do I sign in to the UPSers portal?

Okay, after successfully registering, what next? Now, if you wish to access the details regarding your job, you need to sign in to the official portal. Now, to sign in to your account, just follow the steps that we have explained below:

  1. Go to the official website of this portal at the website address www.upsers.com.
  2. Now, move around and you see the option that reads “Login”.
  3. Tap that option.
  4. Now, you will be redirected to the login page of this portal.
  5. Here, you will see two text field that asks for your username and the account password.
  6. These are the credentials that you submitted during your registration procedure.
  7. We hope, you remember them. Submit those details in the required fields.
  8. After submitting them, just check the submitted information once.
  9. Now, tap “Sign In”.
  10. If the submitted details are correct, you will be taken to the home page of your account. From this place, you can access the details like your working schedule, employee benefits, pay stubs, etc.
UPSers portal provide various services to the employees

Now, we hope that all the fears and the confusion regarding the registration and the sign-in procedure at the UPSers portal must be clear in your mind after reading the above steps. Still, if you have any queries or fears in your mind, you can contact the HR department or the technical customer support team of the company without having any dilemma in your mind.

Official NameUPSers
Launched ByUnited Parcel Services
UsersUPS Employees
CountryUnited States

This portal has been one of the best alternatives for the employees of the UPS to get rid of visiting the HR department again and again amidst their busy schedules.

All the details like the job schedules, the pay stubs, the benefits and perks of the employees, the retirement plans, etc. are provided on this official portal.

Common Queries

Yes, Each and every employee of the UPS are eligible and in fact, they are encouraged to register on this official portal.

You can register yourself on the official portal of the UPSers at the address www.upsers.com.

Yes. UPS has strived to design this portal in a highly encrypted manner. Thus, it is extremely secure for each and every employee to register and sign in to this online portal.

Not at all. This portal is totally free for each and every UPSers employee. This portal has been solely launched to make the life easy of the employees serving the UPS every day. Thus, there is no question of taking a fee from any employee.

What are the requirements for using this portal?

This portal doesn’t demand any sort of heavy requirements from the employees. Some basic requirements for using this portal are listed below:

An electronic device. It can be anything like a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

A stable and a good internet or a wifi connection.

Your login credentials. It is one of the most important things to access your details.


The sole purpose of launching this portal at the official website is easing out the burden of the employees serving the UPS easy.

This portal has also made it easy for the management team to handle the huge workforce extremely easy. No doubt exists regarding the fact that there are thousands of employees serving the UPS. Now, handling such huge manpower is not an easy task at all. This portal makes sure that the management team can monitor the work of the employees at one single place. Thus, the management team of the UPS can shift their focus on the other significant things and thus enhancing the productivity on their premises.

Also, this portal has done a commendable job by making sure that the employees don’t need to visit the HR dept of the UPS every now and then. They can easily access all their corporate life details on this portal. Thus, this too increases the productivity on the premises of the UPSers.

Registering on this portal hardly takes any time and effort from the gem-like valuable employees of the UPSers. Thus, if you are an employee of the UPS, you should register yourself at www.upser.com without fail. Stay blessed!

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